Pickering City Centre

1355 Kingston Road, Pickering, ON



  • House Type- Condo   
  • City- Pickering
  • Storey/Units-  55/2100
  • Starting Price From- $500k
  • Occupancy- 2026
  • Unit Type- 1Bedroom- 2 Bedroom
  • Area Size- 486-689 Sq Ft                      


The Pickering City Centre stands as one of Canada’s most extensive and forward-thinking mixed-use development initiatives. Spearheaded by CentreCourt, this 55-acre master-planned community presents an exceptional opportunity for investors and individuals to actively participate in the revitalization of Downtown Pickering. Residents will enjoy a comprehensive array of amenities right at their doorstep, such as a direct link to the Pickering GO Station, convenient retail options, and access to the picturesque Lake Ontario waterfront.


  •  A shopping center spanning over 700,000 square feet with more than 180 shops.
  • A downtown destination spread across 55 acres.
  •  An office building encompassing over 130,000 square feet.
  •  It offers a direct connection to Pickering GO.
  •  You can reach downtown in less than 40 minutes.
  •  Enjoy a state-of-the-art fitness center spanning over 20,000 square feet.
  •  The convenience of walking to City Hall, nearby parks, and the Pickering Waterfront.
  • Parks and Green Spaces: Savor scenic parks for leisure and outdoor fun.
  •  Schools and Education: Access quality education at nearby reputable institutes.
  •  Health and Wellness: Stay healthy with fitness, healthcare, and wellness centers nearby.


  • The current population of the City of Pickering amounts to 100,000 residents, and it is anticipated to expand by more than 50% in the coming 15 years. In the last five years, Pickering has experienced a population growth of 8.1%, surpassing Toronto’s population growth, which has been only 2.3%.

  • Situated at the core of Canada’s most extensive labor and business hub, Pickering benefits from the presence of over 4 million highly-skilled workers residing within a 50km radius. Hosting national and international corporations, Pickering presents a compelling proposition for businesses with competitive operating expenses, which in turn attracts talent from the regions of York, Toronto, and Durham. This is further facilitated by the proximity to 11 local universities and colleges.

  • Positioned in the heart of Pickering along Highway 407, the Innovation Corridor spans across more than 800 acres of esteemed employment land, prepared and awaiting development.

  • CentreCourt is a comprehensive real estate development firm engaged in every aspect of development, encompassing land acquisition, zoning, design, marketing, sales, construction, and customer service. Our current emphasis revolves around the creation of expansive, high-rise residential communities strategically situated in close proximity to significant amenities, efficient public transportation systems, and employment centers within the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

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